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Rotational cutting machine KR-700

1. Intended use & applications:

A basic appliance of the Rotary Slicer is crumbling products in different industries: food industries, waste industy, poulutry processing. In the food industry it is used for grinding dried plants, tea, herbs, spices, dried fruits, dried vegetables. In the tea companies it is particularly used in lines grinding components required for production of grounded teas, packed in tea bags and lower ground teas for extracts (fruit teas). 
There is possibility to install the inverter which allows on controlling the rotor revolution's, in order to achieve the best quality of the grounded product.
The installed system of replaceable sieves allows for achieving the required fraction size.

2. Technical profile:

- efficiency (depends of kind of raw materials)   40-2000kg/h
- the diameter of the rotor 600 mm
- the lenght of the knive 700 mm
- the amount of the knives 10 pcs.
- the lenght of the contra- knive 700 mm
- the amount of the contra- knive 6 szt.
- the speed of the rotor 300 - 600 obr/min
- the shift of the belt transmission 1:1,6
- kind of belt (anti- static) SPB 2920
- ithe amount of belts 5 szt.
- the power of electric motor 22 - 37 kW
- the rotational speed of electric motor 960 obr/min
- weight 1200 kg
- overall dimensions: lenght x width x height 2350x1200x2026

Accoutrements this machines includes two knieve sets and a primary sieves set.
Two- years guarantee includes the whole machine with exception of exploitation materials- knive and belts.