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Line for mushrooms

Process of dried mushrooms' processing , which show below, can divided into two parts. We offer line to cut product to small pieces and mix or line to making powder. First part consist of:
  • loading feeder,
  • rotational cutting machine KR-350/ KR-700,
  • feeder to separator,
  • separator (specific model depends of client's needs),
  • feeder to mixer,
  • mixer.

Second option also recommended for mushrooms production is milling. After milling can achive fine powder. Line for mushrooms' milling consist of: 

  • loading platform to chopper (optional loading feeder),
  • chopper,
  • feeder to mill,
  • pneumatic transport, 
  • separator (model depends of client's needs),
  • feeder from separator to remilling.

Below configuration can be modified according to client's request.