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Mixer TYP 500/4000/5000

1. Intended use & applications:

The Mixers are designed to mixing loose products both as granulated mass and powdery materials (teas, herbs, spices, powder ice cream, etc.). This type of mixers is particularly useful if we want to keep the grinding structure of mixture components. The machine can operate individually or in technological lines. 

2. Technical profile:

TYP   500   4000   5000
- capacity (depends of the kind of raw materials) 500 l 4000 l 5000 l
- rotational speed 9,5 r.p.m. 9,5 r.p.m. 9,5 r.p.m.
- first electric motor's power 2,2 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW
- second electric motor's power 0,55 kW 0,55 kW 0,55 kW
- speed of revolutions 1480 r.p.m. 1480 r.p.m. 1480 r.p.m.
- dimensions lenght x width x height 2950x1600x2000 6400x2500x2650 7400x2500x2650

Other models at client's request.

Two-years guarantee includes the whole machine with exception of exploitation materials..