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1. Intended use and applications

Sterilizer is used for permanent destruction of microorganisms including spore forms, for example: bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, etc. The process of sterilization gives absolute guarantee of microbiological purity and allows for sterilization of diffrent kinds of products: milled products (for example ground pepper or paprika, ground nutmeg, ground cloves, etc.), chopped products (e.g. cut herbs, fix type fractions, threshing from herbs, herbs sawn) and also whole products ( for example: grainy pepper, allspice, marjoram, etc.).

The sterilization process involves pre- heating the article to a temperature of approx. 90°C. The raw material fall from the load feeder down to the sterilization chamber where the product is treated with dry steam at a temperature of approx. 130°C. Throught the flexible regulation of the snake's revolution in the sterilization chamber, we can adjust the heating duration of the product in the sterilization chamber. Then, through a chute located at the end of the chamber the product falls to the cooling chamber and accurate there the goods are transported through the tray and snakes system.

Hot air is presses into the drying to dry the product as precisely as possible. Then the goods falls on receiving conveyor and are transported to the bags or big bags by the bagging system. On the control panel of the sterilizer there are monitors for the temperature sensors. The machine can be equipped with additional elements, including for example an air hygrometer.

2. Technical profile :

- capacity (depends on the kind of raw materials)   about 1t - 2t/8h
- power consumption ( without steam generator) about 50 kW
- weight 2000 kg
- available steam generators  gas, heating, oil or electric generators

3. Dimensions:

- width   7130 mm
- lenght 10250 mm
- height 4010 mm

Two- years guarantee includes a whole machine with exception of exploitation materials.
Other models at client's request.