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Turning services

 NEF 400


Range of operation:  
Line feed in axle X/Z  30/30 m/min Main drive 15,3kW
Max average lenght of turning 650 mm Revolutions' spindle 20-4000 rpm
Handle  250mm Amount of tools 12
Line feed in axle X 255mm Grip of tools  30mm
Line feed in axle Z 800mm Axle Y   -
Max diameter of turning 350mm


BETA 1250

Range of operate:  
Max diameter of turning 410mm Main drive 35 kW
Max average lenght turning: 1250 mm Revolutions'  spindle 20-4000 rpm
Handle  315mm Tools' amount 12
Line feed in axle X  300mm Tools' grip  40mm
Line feed in axle Z  1300mm Axle Y   +/- 60mm
Line feed in axle  X/Z  30/30m/min