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Vertical cutting machine KP-300/ KP-450

1. Intended use & applications:

Vertical cutting machine is designed for cutting herbs, bark, roots, tobacco, wood, etc. On this machine there is also possibility to cut the material on squares. Especially it operates very well with other machines in technological lines connected with separator etc.

2. Technical profile:

  KP-300   KP-450
- capacity (depends of kind of raw material) 80-1000 kg/h 80-1500 kg/h
- width of cut 300 mm 450 mm
- width of main knife 320 mm 470 mm
- spacing of knive for squares cutting 4÷10 mm 4÷10 mm
- amount of knives for squares cutting 76 szt. 114 szt.
- width of contra- knive 320 mm 470 mm
- contra-knive amount 1 szt. 1 szt.
- cutting's speed 50÷450 tacts/min 50÷450 tacts/min
- lenght of cut 2÷35mm 2÷35mm
- kind of belt (anti-static) B 2450 B 2500
- amount of belts 3 szt. 4 szt.
- power of engine 7.5 kW 11 kW
- revolutions' speed 960 r. p. m. 1450 r. p. m.
- weight 3500 kg 4000 kg
- dimensions: lenght x width x height 2850x1500x2100 2850x1800x2100
There are three knive and two sets of knive for squares cutting as the equipment of the vertical cutting machine KP-300/ KP-450
Two- years guarantee includes a whole machine, with exception of knive, V-belts and forwarding belts.