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Over two decades of experience and clearly defined strategy
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About us

 specializes in producing machines, which are used to process herbs, spices, tea,hemp, dried vegetables, dried fruit, bark, roots, tobacco, material seized at slaughterhouse, secondary raw material (for example copper, plastic), wood waste. For herb industry we produce among others equipment to crumbing- vertical crushing machines, rotary slicers, crushing  and grinding machines.We offer separators of sievie to cleaning-  oscillatory, vibratory separator, weight separator- pneumatic tunnel. Our other machines are mills, normal, scooping and broken feeders, fans, granulators, mechanical washers, high storage containers, filter cyclones, mixers, conical mixers, sterilizers, which use dried steam and humidifiers. 

For tobacco process we produce vertical cutting machines, rippers and system of humidification tobacco.

For wood waste process we offer chipper, briquetting machines, separators and cutting machines.

For material seized at slaughterhouse process (wet feathers, bones, intestines etc.) we produce grinding machines, feeders, reactor. Notice, that we are first company in Poland, which manufacture cutting machines for wet feathers.

We also make automatons to pour paraffin wax and gel as well as  diffrent kind of machines to candles and lights production.

Our machines are used in bakery for example a turntable for rolls and conveyor belts.

We do gears, chain wheels and worm wheels, bearing housing, knifes and spare parts to machines and devices. 
Projects, which are accomplished by us, include small pieces of technological line and whole line. Examples can be single machine from our offer and whole cutting, milling, sterilization, granulation, briquetting lines. If client need other models of machine or untypical line, we'll do it. 
All machines are covered two-years guarantee and post-warranty service.

Our machines operate in leading Polish herby and tea companies and also operate in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Kosovo, Finland, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Lesotho, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile, the United States of Americs, France, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary. 
Company P.P.U.H. SCORPION puts a lot of emphasis on needs and expectations clients. We try implement new techniological solutions in our machines. We invite to cooperation everyone, which rate proficiency and polite service.

We have abundant stock of machines, which is equipped in modern machines to metalworking- gaseous and plasma stoving, centre of processing CNC- turning and milling, and a lot of conventional machines to metalworking. 
Our clients can see, what our machines operate, when arrive to us.

Invite to get familiar with our offer!


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