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Dual-shaft mixer

It is used for uniform mixing of the raw material and is characterized by a high degree of homogenization in a relatively short time.
The twin shaft mixer is used for mixing herbs, spices, teas, all dry products and sauces.

Thanks to the use of counter-rotating agitators and oblique setting of the blades, the raw material is scraped from the bottom of the mixer to its center, it is put into intensive movement of the ingredients along the circumference and across the mixer, which allows the raw material to be put into a weightless state, enhancing the expected end result.

The material is discharged from the mixer through the discharge hatches.

The 2500l double shaft mixer is shown in the picture. The complete mixer consists of:

1) a charging hopper
2) latches
3) mixing chambers
4) a dosing tank
5) the auger emptying the tank
6) the drive train

The mixing chamber (3) is attached to the dosing tank (4). Behind the hopper (1) there is a damper (2) which enables the mixer to be tightly closed. The drive system (6) drives the agitators placed in the mixing chamber. Under the tank there is a screw which discharges the tank (5) during filling.