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Axe cutter

1. Intended use & applications 
       A basic applianceof the axe cutter is in cutting fresh products in herbal industry. It is widely used for processing fresh herbs and roots as well as some dry materials. There is possibility to install the inverter which allows to control the rotor's revolutions, in order to achieve the best quality of tha processed product. The machine has is capable of reducing the cutting size.  

2. Technical profile:

capacity      1000-2000 kg/h      2000-4000 kg/h
cutting width 300 mm 500 mm
width of the main knife 500 mm 600 mm
number of knive
width of the contra-knife 300 mm 500 mm
number of contra-knive
power of the main engine 4 kW 5 kW
power of feeders engine 2x0,75 kW 2x0,75kW
weight of machine 600kg 1000 kg
dimensions (lenght x width x height ) 4500x1200x1500  4500x1200x1500

Two- years guarantee includes a whole machine with exception for exploitation materials- knive and belts.