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Granulator-cutting machine KR 205p

1. Intended use & application:

Slicer is used to grinding different kind of waste materials:
  • PET- bottle
  • packaging after domestic detergent
  • whole box after beverages

System of replaceable sieves allows for achieving demanded size of shredding  

2. Technical profile:

- capacity (demands of kind of raw material) 20-1000 kg/h 
- diameter of rotor 360 mm
- knieves' lenght 205 mm
- knives' amount 3 szt.
- lenght of contra-knife 205 mm
- amount of contra-knvies  2 pcs.
- revolutions' speed of rotor  897 r. p. m.
- gear ratio of  belt  1:1, 61
- kind of belt (anti- static) B 2000
- belts' amount 3 szt.
- engine's power 7,5 kW
- revolutions' speed of engine 1450 r. p. m.
- weight 420 kg
- dimensions lenght x width x height 100x720x2100

Accoutrements this machines includes two knieve sets and a primary sieves set.
Two- years guarantee includes the whole machine with exception of exploitation materials- knive and belts.